Where Do Little Birds Go?

LATE SHOW – Presented by Poor Toms Gin

Where do little birds go?

by Camilla Whitehill

"I think I'm safe. I think I am."

London, 1966.

Lucy Fuller is 18 years old. She likes musicals and make up, and her job is at Winston’s Nightclub.

One night Lucy is kidnapped by the infamous Kray twins and locked in a flat with an escaped murderer. This is the terrifying story of Lucy’s time with Ronnie, Reggie and Frank ‘The Mad Axeman’ Mitchell.

Where Do Little Birds Go? is a colourful, often funny and poignant tale of crime, kidnap and lost innocence in the heart of the 1960s East End.

Director: Giles Gartrell-Mills

Starring: Bishanyia Vincent

Choreographer – Shondelle Pratt
Designer – Brodie Simpson
Musical Director – Liam D. Kemp

All tickets $25 including booking fee.
August 30th–September 10th 2016
10pm Start on Tuesday–Saturday, 7.30pm Sunday.
The performance runs for approximately 55 minutes without an interval.