The Ultimate Lesbian Double Feature

The Ultimate Lesbian Double Feature

by Zoe Brinnand
Directed by Lucy Hotchin

Production Assistant – Misha Mehigan
Sound Design – Lucy Hotchin

Featuring Kristen Adriaan, Kristina Benton, Joseph Lai, Tamara Natt, Shamita Sivabalan, Lana Woolf

Spasm chasm. Thatched cottage. Knish. 

The Ultimate Lesbian Double Feature (pun intended) is a double bill, consisting of 'Love in the Time of Sexting' and 'The Party'. The first play explores what historical lesbian figures such as Sappho and Virginia Woolf may have sexted to their lovers - had sexting been around during their time. The second, is a lesbian twist on the 1950s American instructional videos on how to prepare the perfect dinner party. 

Written by emerging playwright Zoe Brinnand and Directed by the talented Lucy Hotchin, The Ultimate Lesbian Double Feature is sure to be a hit of the 2016 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras programme.

Dates 23rd February–5th March
10.15pm Tuesday–Saturday, 7.45pm Sunday
Ticket Prices: $25 including booking fee.