3 - 14 OCTOBER

Proudly presented by Poor Tom's Gin & Mark Blumer, and supported by Playwriting Australia, SBW Foundation & ambassador Louis Nowra.

Greta Samsa awakes from uneasy dreams to find herself changed. She in turn decides to change the world, starting with her family.

Only trouble is her brother is refusing to emerge from his room and Mum and Dad are too busy to notice. An unexpected visitor arrives and things take a surreal turn.

But when her brother finally decides to show his face, Greta discovers the world has radically transformed around her and she now holds all their futures in her hands.

A surreal black comedy about love and revolution.

Mark Langham
Lucy Miller
Patricia Pemberton
Adam Sollis

Written by Katie Pollock
Directed by Michael Abercromby
Produced by Red Line Productions

Tuesday - Saturday: 6:15 PM
Sunday: 4:30 PM

Duration: 40 Minutes






Katie Pollock is a Sydney-based playwright. Her plays for theatre are The Hansard Monologues (Age of Entitlement), Blue Italian/Nil by Sea, The Hansard Monologues (A Matter of Public Importance), The Blue Angel Hotel, A Quiet Night in Rangoon, A Girl Called Red and numerous short works.

Her plays for radio are Beetroot: A bloody journey through roots and belonging, Nil by Sea, Contact, O is for Oxygen, and Blue Italian.

Her works have been produced by the ABC, Eastside FM, Seymour Centre, Merrigong Theatre, Casula Powerhouse, Museum of Australian Democracy, Hothouse Theatre, Tamarama Rock Surfers, subtlenuance, Apocalypse Theatre, New Theatre, The Street Theatre, Site & Sound Festival, Sydney Fringe Festival and Newtown Theatre.

She has been nominated for two AWGIES and the Silver Gull award.


Created, developed and produced by Red Line Productions, the New Fitz 2017 Program pairs emerging writers and directors on 10 brand new Australian works commissioned exclusively, each to feature in conjunction with the shows in our 2017 Main Stage program at The Old Fitz Theatre.

“This is a unique and compelling idea. To have playwrights react to, reflect upon, and imaginatively re-invent ideas, stories or characters from other plays being staged, and then have the original and the re-make in tandem, is a potentially wonderful method of reinterpretation that will lead to some wonderful work. I’m certain that this challenging concept will bring out the best in many playwrights and will result in future productions where these works survive as stand-alone plays of importance.” 
Louis Nowra, Ambassador, New Fitz 2017


Seating at The Old Fitz Theatre is unreserved.

Drinks are permitted in the theatre. Food is not permitted under any circumstances. This includes bar chips/nuts.

Please note there is a lockout policy in place on all shows at The Old Fitz Theatre. Latecomers are not permitted to enter during the performance and there is a no refunds/exchanges policy in place with regards to latecomers. Please contact or 0416 044 413 with any issues.