Tender Napalm

Brevity Theatre Company presents

Tender Napalm

Directed by Alexander Butt

Dates 19th–30th January

"Heart stopping...wildly intoxicating" THE TIMES 

A Sydney Premiere from the incredible Phillip Ridley.

This is the story of you and your first great love.

A young man and woman meet at a party. They are drawn to each other. They have sex. They fall in love. Then something happens. Their fantasies take charge: tales of golden shores, snakes, serpents, unicorns, kings, queens and blood. Dangerously and absolutely, they're thrust into the secret places of love and desire. Philip Ridley's extraordinary new play confidently traverses the delicate and the brutal, mapping the journey from first attraction to consuming devotion. It's a sweaty portrait of passion and destruction, an examination of how love can leave you shipwrecked, deep – burning and unquenchable. Tender Napalm had it’s Australian premiere at Perth Theatre Company in 2012 and in the same year was seen at La Boite Theatre Company in Brisbane.

With Jordan Cowan and Timothy Franklin
ound Designer – Katelyn Shaw
Lighting Designer – Ben Brockman
Choreographer – Matt Cornell

Ticket Prices: $25 including booking fee

The performance runs for approximately 80 minutes