Playing Rock Hudson


Left Bauer Productions Present


3rd–15th February 2015

'One of America’s most popular movie stars throughout the fifties and sixties, Rock Hudson’s death in 1985 from complications related to AIDS, made headlines the world over. He was the first famous figure to publicly succumb to the disease.

In 1988 Hudson’s former lover Marc Christian sued the actor’s estate and personal secretary Mark Miller on the grounds of reckless endangerment, claiming they had put his life at risk by lying about Hudson's diagnosis.

Within the courtroom, the most intimate details of Hudson’s life were presented for public scrutiny. The chief question for the jury: Was Christian the love of Hudson’s life and a victim of malice, or was he a blackmailing hustler out to play Rock Hudson for all he was worth?'

Season: 3rd–15th February 2015
Times: Tuesday–Saturday 9:30pm, Saturday 3pm, Sunday 7pm
Run time: 80 mins
Ticket prices: $32 Adult $27 Concession $22 Cheap Tuesday (all tickets have a $2 booking fee)