Pope Head

Theatre Excentrique Presents


Written and Performed by Garry Roost

24th February–6th March 2015

A solo show about the celebrated artist Francis Bacon. An enigma, a maverick, a controversial charismatic force of nature. Caught wearing his mothers underwear gazing into a large mirror. Banished by his military father from the family home in Ireland. Sent to Berlin with his fathers henchman. On to Paris where he was transfixed by Picasso. Bacon became a success as a designer of carpet rugs and furniture. Taking the surrealists by storm after The Times said he was; "...insufficiently surreal...".On to the Colony Club, champagne and a tragic love life.

The show looks at the life, art, psyche, sexuality, and philosophies of the great artist. We follow the struggle of the young artist who eventually finds that success and tragedy go hand in hand when you are determined to live life to the full. The play draws on the words and thoughts of the artist in a new script by Garry Roost who also performs.

“Roost is a superb character actor, one of the most inspired at the Fringe. His portraiture is not caricature, polemic or self-examination. He is removed without being absent. He is in there but as faithful squire to the proud knight he serves. Productions don’t get any Fringier than a one man play about a controversial modern artist, presented above a relatively non-descript pub in the far end of town. Neither do they get any better than Pope Head.” FringeReview ****    

Season: 24th February–6th March 2015
Times: Tuesday–Saturday 9:30pm, Sunday 7pm  
Ticket prices: $20 + Booking Fee