Red Line Productions would not exist with the big-hearted philanthropy of our supporters. We would like to thank the following companies and individuals for their continual support:

Adam Liberman, Alex Broun, Alexander Berlage, Amy Morton, Anike Vilée, Belvoir Theatre Company, Ben Gerrard, Ben Muratore, Ben O’Toole, Blake Beckett Trust, Brendan Connies-Laing, Charlie Veitch, Cheyne Kerr, Chris McArdle, Chris Stalley, Chris Tomkinson, Christine Dunstan, City of Sydney Council, Crozz, Diana Simmonds, Ensemble Theatre Company, Esther Gyorki, Ewen Leslie, Felix Jozeps, Fleur Beaupert, Gabrielle Rogers, Geoffrey Grasso, Georgia Adamson, Gian Archer, Griffin Theatre Company Staff, Guy Edmonds, Helen Tonkin, How Graphic Design, Iain Sinclair, Meredith Penman & Robin Sinclair, Ian Phipps, IP Publicity, Jai Higgs, James Beach, Jamie McGregor, Jason Langley, Jed Silver, Jennifer Hagan, Jenny & Peter Solomon, Jeremy Waters, John Marmaras, Jonothan Gavin, Kate Mulvany, Kevin Power, Kit Brookman, Kylie Wall, Leigh Whittemore, Lenore & Paul Robertson, Lisa Mimmochi, Luke Gowling, Mark Blumer, Marmaras Shoots, Marnya Rothe, Meags O’Connell, Michael Elphick, Mitchell Butel, Nicholas Foustellis, Old Fitzroy Hotel, Olivia Rose, Phil Lloyd, Playwriting Australia, Poor Tom's Gin, Renae Small, Richard Hilliar, Robertson Foundation, Robin Goldsworthy, Ross Graham, SBW Foundation, Scott Rankin, Shaun Rennie, Shell McKenzie, Tamlyn Henderson, Thyne Reid Foundation, Toby Schmitz, Tom Massey, Victor Kalka, Visions in Style, Yarran Wines, Young Henry’s.


Red Line Productions would like to extend a big thank you to our board:

Jeremy Bishop
Caroline Brosnan
Tony Jones
Rebecca Rocheford-Davies
Leigh Small


Red Line Productions would like to thank our hard-working Box Office Staff:

Andrew Langcake
Beth McMullen
Maddy McWilliam
Mason Phoumirath
James Raggatt
Mathew Rope
Mariella Solano
Claudia Ware