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Our Blood Runs in the Street

19th February – 21st March


‘Our blood runs in the streets and in the parks and in casualty and in the morgue....

Our own blood, the blood of our brothers and sisters, has been spilt too often….

Our blood runs because in this country our political, educational, legal and

religious systems actively encourage violence against us…

‘We are gay men and lesbians.’


 ‘One in Seven’ Manifesto, Sydney Star Observer, 5 April 1991

Inspired by Sydney’s real gay and transgender hate crimes committed between the 70’s and 2000’s Our Blood Runs in the Street is a physical and verbatim-theatre work exposing the cultural prejudice that allowed the lives of so many in the Australian LGBTIQ+ community to be taken.

Assembled from interviews with individuals who have had first-hand experience with gay and transgender hate crimes Our Blood is an ode to human resilience - a recognition of past injustice and a celebration of cultural shifts and community hopes.

The director of the Old Fitz’s acclaimed productions Songs for the Fallen, The Whale and Anatomy of a Suicide returns with this powerful work shining a light on a dark chapter in Sydney’s history.

Our Blood Runs in the Street was developed with the assistance of Metro Arts and NIDA Open Pilot Program with creative development residencies in 2019. We acknowledge ACON for their generous support in the development of this production.

Director: Shane Anthony
Producer: Alison Bennett
Sound Designer: Nate Edmondson
Presented by Chopt Logic