Seeker productions presents


by Dennis Kelly

Directed by Richard Hilliar

With Liam Nunan, Jacki Mison, and Christopher Morris

Stage Manager - Georgiane Deal
Designer - Christina Bouzios
Lighting - Liam O'keefe
Sound - Tegan Nicholls    

'Yes or no, are you going to believe me?'

Liam shows up on his sister Helen's doorstep, covered in blood. He's found a boy stabbed in the street - a lad who ran off into the night. Danny wants to call the police. But Liam has a record and the police don't like him. And Liam is the only family Helen's got.

It's going to be a rough night.

Award winning author Dennis Kelly's masterful work is a slow-burn thriller, which unearths the lengths we are prepared to go to protect what we love from the darkness, both inside and out.

Not to be missed. 

Dates 19–30 April

Ticket Prices: $25 including booking fee