The Remains (working title)

Concept and Direction by Shane Anthony

Created by the Ensemble

Presented by Chopt Logic Productions

The Old Fitz Theatre, 2020



‘Our blood runs in the streets and in the parks and in casualty and in the morgue.... ‘Our own blood, the blood of our brothers and sisters, has been spilt too often....

‘Our blood runs because in this country our political, educational, legal and religious systems actively encourage violence against us...

‘We are gay men and lesbians.’

From the ‘One in Seven’ Manifesto, Sydney Star Observer, 5 April 1991

The Untouched Remains (working title) is a new verbatim physical theatre work. Inspired by Bondi’s true gay and transgender hate crimes of the late 20th century, the show will examine injustice throughout Sydney’s LGBTI history and will investigate how prejudice and bias played a role in violent crimes against gay and transgender people in Sydney in recent decades. The work will feature verbatim text from conducted interviews, as well as physical theatre to explore the stories of those who have been affected.

 In June 2018 the NSW Police Force released the findings of Strike Force Parrabell, a three-year investigation into 88 suspicious deaths or disappearances between 1976 and 2000 in and around Sydney, each listed as potentially involving gay-hate bias. The review found that twenty-seven gay men were likely to have lost their lives to homophobic killers during a violent period of Australia’s history.

 Central to the project is to interview individuals who have had first-hand experience with gay and transgender hate crimes in Australia. With the assistance of committed partner, AIDS Council of NSW (ACON), I am soon to interview a cross-section of people: victims, witnesses, liaison officers, journalists and researchers. Interviewees’ words will be used verbatim by actors in performance and will provide inspiration to generate a physical language for the work.


Director: Shane Anthony

Producer: Chopt Logic Productions 

Creatives soon to be announced.              



CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT: 9th – 13th September, 2019 (NIDA)

REHEARSAL: December, 2019 – January, 2020 (Flexible scheduling, venue TBC)

TECH: 17th FEB – 18th FEB, 2020


PAY: The show is profit share. A minimum guarantee of $500.


Performers will play a variety of roles based on interviews conducted with the community. The show will be created as an ensemble.

We are seeking 5 – 7 performers with a high level of physical skill and a preference for performers with a dance, physical theatre or circus background.

We actively encourage gay men and transgender performers.



Please prepare a 2 – 5 min physical based performance, highlighting your specialist physical and vocal skills. This could include presenting a short dance, physical theatre or circus piece, but should also include some text.

Feel free to get in touch to discuss this in further detail.

Exact day and time to be determined according to availability of actor and creative team.


Please submit your CV and headshot to Shane Anthony | Mob: 0438 006 335