Ivan Donato is Eddie Carbone. Photographjy by John Marmaras.

Ivan Donato is Eddie Carbone. Photographjy by John Marmaras.

by Katy Warner
Directed by Lucy Clements
7 - 18 November

A powerful two-hander about betrayal.

He has nowhere else to go.
She has a kind heart.
He has filled his days with memories of their past. She has tried to move on.
They have not seen each other in a long time. 
Tonight he has returned. Suddenly the past doesn’t feel all that long ago. 

Written in response to Arthur Miller’s A View from the Bridge.





by Arthur Miller
18 October - 25 November

Italian-American immigrant life colours this searing drama of love and revenge set in 1950's Brooklyn. Eddie Carbone is devoted to his wife Beatrice and his niece Catherine. Then Beatrice's cousins Marco and Rudolpho, having fled the poverty of Sicily, enter the US illegality desperate to find work. As Rudolpho and Catherine fall in love, Eddie's devotion to his niece is no longer touching, but terrifying. 

Iain Sinclair (The Judas Kiss - The Old Fitz, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? - Ensemble, Of Mice And Men - Sport for Jove) directs an incredible ensemble cast featuring Ivan Donato (Macbeth & Hamlet - Bell Shakespeare, Othello - Sport for Jove), Zoe Terakes (Janet King - ABC), Lincoln Younes (The Homosexuals - Griffin, Down Under, Love Child), David Soncin (The Judas Kiss, The House of Ramon Iglesia - Old Fitz), Giles Gartrell-Mills (Antony & Cleopatra, Julius Caesar - Sport for Jove), Janine Watson (Antigone, Three Sisters - Sport for Jove, Dolores - Old Fitz), David Lynch (Neville's Island, The Good Doctor - Ensemble).