The Ishmael Club

The ishmael Club

by Bill Garner and Sue Gore 

Directed by Suzanne Millar

Cast: Jasper Garner-Gore, Richard Hilliar, Katrina Rautenberg, Amy Scott-Smith

They called themselves the Ishmael Club. Outsiders. Bohemians. They were avant-guard before it was cool, and they listened to music you've never heard of.

In the heart of Melbourne, fuelled by red wine, garlic and the possibilities of art, they held court on topics ranging from ...'the price of beer in China to the future of the soul.'

The story of Norman Lindsay, Will Dyson, and Ruby Lind. Friends, rivals, political satirists, and above all else: artists. Told by the woman who witnessed them as they were drawn across the streets of Melbourne, to the strikes of London, to the trenches of a Great War.

The Ishmael Club is a study in the nature of friendship and the mind of the artist, the cost of war, and an Australia long past but lingering still. 

July 7th–July 18th
Tues-Sat 9:00pm
Sun 7:00pm
All Tickets $22 (including booking fee)