by Katy Warner
Directed by Lucy Clements
7 - 18 November

A powerful two-hander about betrayal.

He has nowhere else to go.
She has a kind heart.
He has filled his days with memories of their past. She has tried to move on.
They have not seen each other in a long time. 
Tonight he has returned. Suddenly the past doesn’t feel all that long ago. 

Written in response to Arthur Miller’s A View from the Bridge.


Andrew Henry's
5 - 15 December

'Don’t be ashamed to admit that you are vulnerable.
Recognize you are taking the first steps to save your own life.'

- Carole Ann Trisler

This isn’t a play; these are the poems and songs that saved my life, in the company of some of my best friends rocking a live band, as theatre/cabaret. I want to contribute to the eradication of the stigma attached to mental health by standing up and sharing this with you. And don’t worry. This will be fucking entertaining.