Cleansed In Blood

cleansed in blood

By Thom Jordan

Directed by Julia Patey

Cleansed in the Blood of the Lamb, one can be forgiven of any sin...

Paul moves to Sydney in pursuit of his 'God-given gift' to preach the word to all mankind, but when he fails to advance in the way he thinks is 'God’s' will, Paul takes it upon himself to further the Lord’s promise and gets caught up in a cancerous lie. This move propels him into the holy limelight — only to find himself a little more exposed than he may have wanted to be. As to what Paul does next — you’ll have to come experience that for yourself. 

Don't miss your chance to witness this Adelaide Fringe 'Best Emerging Artist' nominee, in a show that’s been dividing audiences across Australia, before it ripples the murky waters of religion at the Edinburgh Fringe.

June 23-27 @ 9.30pm