Red Line Productions and our collaborators in 2018 will hold Auditions for 9 of the 10 plays being presented in our 2018 season. 

We encourage actors to take advantage of our upcoming script release, which is designed for proactive actors who want to read the plays we will be presenting in 2018.


* Actors are NOT required to book appointments to read these scripts and can come any time between the hours listed below.

* From 26th September to 21 October, printed copies of the plays we will be presenting will be available upstairs at the Old Fitzroy Hotel (129 Dowling St, Woolloomooloo) and can be read from 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday - Saturday and 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM on Sundays. 

* The scripts are not to be taken out of the venue. Taking scripts out of the venue ruins the process for other actors and additionally, the scripts will not be replaced if stolen. 

* Groups of actors are encouraged to read plays together, or individually. 

* If an actor is interested in a particular role, they are encouraged to send A SEPARATE EMAIL for each show they are interested in to with their headshot and biography as attachments. The subject of the email should be "TITLE OF SHOW: EOI".

* We will then forward that EOI to the appropriate contact for that particular production. 

* As we will be releasing all scripts for the entire year, auditions will occur on a production by production basis. So EOI's for shows late in 2018 will require patience. 

* Please return scripts to the tray they were collected from, leaving them lying around damages the scripts and means that other actors won't be able to locate them. 

* Scripts will be upstairs until the 21st of October 2017. After this time we will brief through Showcast to agents on a production by production basis. 

* We are not able to email scripts unless required for a specific audition.

Gabrielle Scawthorne in The Village Bike, 2017 (Photography by Andre Vasquez)

Gabrielle Scawthorne in The Village Bike, 2017 (Photography by Andre Vasquez)