How to add a new show to the website

Before you start adding a show, you'll need…

  • A image of the show poster or banner, preferably a JPG that is between 1000 and 1500 pixels wide. The image that appears on Home Page should be horizontal, but you can put vertical images on the show details page. There's no need to create large and small versions of images, Squarespace will look after this.
  • The text for the show details page. This should include writer, director etc… running time and dates.
  • The shows Event ID from Seat Advisor. You'll use this to create the Book Tickets button. You can get this from the show's URL in Seat Advisor.

Step 1: Create a DETAILS page for the show

Create a new page for the show in the correct location. If it's a 2016 show, you'll add a page to the 'Season 2015 & 2016' folder.
If it's a 2017 show, add a page to the 'Season 2017' folder (click the images below to enlarge).

Click the ADD PAGE icon at the end of the list of shows and select PAGE from the CREATE NEW PAGE pop-up.

You can arrange the details page any way you like. Main Stage shows usually have a large, vertical image on the left and a column of text on the right. Late Show layouts vary. The important thing is to use the H1 style for the main heading. You can also duplicate an existing page to get started.

Use the show name as the Page Title, select the Blank Layout and click START EDITING.

Add a BUTTON to the page. In the TEXT field write Book Tickets, select MEDIUM as the button size and set alignment to LEFT or CENTRED depending on your page layout. In the CLICKTHROUGH URL panel, paste your Seat Advisor URL with the correct Event ID. Make sure you select the option to open the page in a new window when the button is clicked. Instructions for creating the Seat Advisor URL are below.

How to create the Seat Advisor URL

The Seat Advisor URL for the Book Tickets button should look like the one below. The EventID at the end of the URL needs to be correct for the show you're adding…

Step 2: Add the Show Image to a Gallery

Images for ALL shows are stored in a Gallery called ALL THE SHOWS. Main Stage and Late Show images are all together in the same place, we'll use the magic of Categories and Tags to classify these later. You'll find this gallery in the list of pages towards the bottom of the NOT LINKED section of the Squarespace admin page.

Click the ARROW icon to upload your image to the ALL THE SHOWS gallery.

When the image is uploaded, click the Settings icon on the image to edit the image properties. Here you need to add a Title, a Description with the Writers name (in BOLD) and Dates. The first and second line of the Description should be separated by a return.


OK, this is the important bit. We use Categories and Tags to control where Shows appear throughout the site. If the Categories and Tags for an image are set correctly here you don't need to do anything else to get the image to display through the site. See the detailed description below for adding Categories and Tags.

Click on the OPTIONS tab at the top of the EDIT IMAGE window to set the Author and Clickthrough URL for the image. The Author should be RED LINE PRODUCTIONS and for the Clickthrough URL select the show details page you created in Step 1 from the list of CONTENT. When you're done click SAVE. 

Quick Tip: the order of images in the gallery determines their order on the site's pages. If you want to re-arrange the shows in the CURRENT SHOWS panel on the Homepage, just click and drag the images in the ALL THE SHOWS gallery until they are in the correct order. 

Adding Categories and Tags to images

STEP A: Click the CATEGORIES + link. A list of available categories will appear. Select the correct categories for your image by clicking them ONE AT A TIME. You must add at least one YEAR category to each image. Only add the CURRENT category to images if they are for current shows.

STEP B: Click the TAGS + link. A search box appears, typing a letter will show all the Tags that start with that letter. Currently there are only two tags: LATE SHOW and MAIN STAGE. Select the correct tag and hit ENTER to apply it.

CHECK & SAVE: If you've done everything correctly, you should see the TAGS and CATEGORIES showing like in the image above. If you want to remove a Category or Tag, roll-over the label and click the X to remove it. Repeat Steps A and B to add more tags or categories. Click SAVE in the EDIT IMAGE panel when you're done.

Make sure you check the site when you're done.

Is the image appearing in the correct place? Is the clickthrough to the Show Details page working? Is the Book Tickets button working?