Red Line Productions are the proud custodians of the Old Fitz Theatre in its 20th year.

Red Line Productions is a theatre company that was founded in September 2014. It premiered with Howie The Rookie by Mark O’Rowe, winning two Sydney Theatre Awards with six nominations. 

Built on the spirit and integrity of the artist, at its core it is an acting company. The absolute focus is on ensemble traditions that, for an audience, create the most dynamic and truthful experiences possible in a theatre. It is a company that will ask ‘why not?’ rather than ‘why?’

On 13 January 2015 Red Line Productions re opened the doors of the legendary Old Fitz Theatre. A venue that was built in 1997 by a group of passionate theatre makers. Alumni from the tiny Old Fitz stage include Tim Minchin, Kate Mulvany, Josh Lawson, Damon Herriman, Mark Priestley, Toby Schmitz, Ewen Leslie, Brendan Cowell, Blazey Best, Christopher Stollery, Travis Cotton, Ella Scott Lynch, Patrick Brammall & Leon Ford.

The intensely intimate nature of the venue allows for some fearless programming and production.

The Company is lead by Artistic Director Andrew Henry & Executive Director Vanessa Wright.

"The Old Fitz's resurrection as a quality theatre venue continues. Watch this space." - Jason Blake, Sydney Morning Herald  



Red Line Productions at the Old Fitz 2017 Season.

What is it that is too hard to say?
What is it that we can’t say?
What are the consequences. What are the pains and joys unleashed by our decision to speak truthfully or cautiously. There are no consistent answers, just 60 seats and no chicken shits.


…Welcome to Unspoken. 

Happy Anniversary Old Fitz