Red Line will be accepting submissions in 3 waves as we begin programming our 2020 Season. 

No submission requires a full team attached at this time, just a vision that you would be excited about realising for the legendary Old Fitz Stage with the producing gumption to execute that vision.  

What classic do you want to reignite in our 60 seat den?  Do you want to deliver us a 70-minute CORIOLANUS that washes the walls with Russian Influence? 

Do you want to do THE MIKADO with nothing but electric guitars and hi-top sneakers? 

Is a CAUCASIAN CHALK CIRCLE stimulating a more unusual shape for you? 

These are examples of what we want to hear about for WAVE ONE. 

Send a 2 page submission to andrew@redlineproductions.com.au with the email subject: WAVE ONE 

To be received no later than April 2nd 2019

Planning something penned much more recently? Don't worry, we will ask for those submissions in a couple of months.